Walk ons Welcome
* Dress Code - You must wear some type of
battle dress uniform. No short pants, street           
clothes, paintball attire, sandals, etc.
* You can wear whatever camo pattern you want.
* Added to dress code for standard games
"Contractor apparel"
* Ghillie suits are welcome and may be put on
either team
* Teams are decided the day of the game and
may change per different game scenario
No smoke grenades in buildings
* Full face masks are optional
* Full seal goggles are a must.

* No swords, light sabres, axes, riot shields, spell
casting, non realistic & future weapons. Not sure?
Ask on Facebook - Airsoft Field DV8    

* All items found are to be turned in to Lost &
Found, keeping found items on field is steeling
and warrants a permanent ban from property.
* Do NOT pick up airsoft grenades, leave where
they lay as the person that deployed it will soon
be looking for it in that area.
* No climbing trees, sea containers, vehicles,
props, etc
* Keep a 10' distance from moving vehicles, do
not crawl under vehicles, and never assume that
the vehicles can see you.
* Do not move, rearrange, shoot, or destroy field
props, sandbags, concrete blocks & vehicles.
* Do not shoot the livestock or use them for cover
or cut the fencing.

Making The Kills
* FPS is measured with .20g bb's
* Rifleman 400fps (shotguns,pistols,SMG's, rifle)
* DMR 450fps 50ft+ engagement distance
(semi-auto only incapable of full-auto
mode,low/mid cap mag,no rapid fire, no burst fire).
*Sniper 550fps 100ft+ engagement distance (bolt
action only)
*SAW 450fps 50ft+ engagement distance (must
be beltfed or full size, heavy barrel, drum mag,
bi-pod support type weapon)
* No "BANG OUT" make close up kills to the body
below the neck in semi-auto/single shot.
* No blind fire
* Hits on your gun are
not a kill
* Ricochet do not count as a kill
* GRENADES - kill all occupants in any vehicle,   
bunker, foxhole, or tower (weather bbs hit you or  
not). Airsoft grenade (no pyro or smoke) must be
inside vehicle and go off, bunker, foxhole, or
tower when it goes off to score kills. If deployed in
a trench it kills 15' in each direction of the trench
line from point of detonation, if deployed on
ground it kills in a 15' radius.
* SATCHEL CHARGES - Kill all occupants in any  
vehicle, bunker, foxhole, or tower that it is             
placed on. Satchel charges can destroy               
towers if placed at the base, foxholes and            
bunkers if placed on the roof, and vehicles if        
placed on them. Satchel charges can also be
used to destroy bridges.
* Nerf type RPG's and AT4's destroys soft skin
vehicles, bunkers, foxholes, and towers plus kills
all occupants inside. If it hits the ground or an
object then all players within a 15' radius around
point of impact are out.
* To kill the Fox tank or APC you must use a
Taggin grenade launcher, airsoft grenade inside
vehicle, or satchel charge
* CLAYMORE MINE - kills any player in a 60         
degree arc 15' in front of claymore (weather the     
bbs hit you or not)
* LAND MINES - kill the player that stepped on it   
and any player within a 15' radius.       
To make kills under the minium engagement
distance or in CQB you must transition to a
weapon that shoots 400fps or less