March 31
OP- Jade Helm 18

DV8 Airsoft game $40
Sign in 9:00am
Game 10am - 6pm
No lunch break, take all supplies with you in AO
16yrs old and up for players
FPS Rules -
Rifleman 400-FPS
DMR 450-FPS (semi-auto only incapable of
full-auto mode,low/mid cap mag,no rapid fire,
no burst fire)
Sniper 550-FPS (bolt action only)
Low & Mid cap mags ONLY for all guns(Except
Support type weapons)
Smoke Grenades OK  
Taggin Archangels only for armor vehicles
Taginn Reapers for personel
NO pyros
Taginn products OK
Enola Gay products OK
Bring 2 ACE bandages so medics can heal you

* Players that show up not knowing rules,
improper gear, improper uniforms, etc will
start the game in the prison camp.

A military exercise called Jade Helm 15
started July 15th 2015 and this time the
conspiracy theorists were right. The so called
exercise was a cover to put UN troops and
equipment into key areas for the purpose of
disarming Americans and putting trouble
makers into internment camps for
reeducation. Some Americans complied with
these new conditions but some groups did
not forming the "Push Back". US Military, Law
Enforcement, and militias that refused to go
against it's own US Citizens formed groups to
help organize it's citizens. The military helped
to organize American militia groups and
defiant Americans. Now these groups will
come together to remove UN troops from
American soil. It's now 2018 and the conflict
continues. The UN has managed to disarm
civilians, imprison resistance fighters, and
isolate whole cities.   


UN FORCES - any type of military camo, gear,
weapons,  blue helmet/helmet cover, beret or
new UN blue cap
* Maintain foothold on US soil
* Keep bridges and road ways open for
supplies, UN troop movements, & prisoner
* Maintain control of bases and internment
* Capture defiant Americans, disarm them,
and reeducate them in the internment camp
* Gain intel from captured prisoners as to
uprisings, enemy troop size & location, who
has smuggled in weapons, etc.
* Use patrols to maintain boarders and check
points to capture resistance fighters,
smuggled weapons, gain intel.
* Use artillery, mortars, and UN armor to
crush resistance fighters.

US MILITARY, Law enforcement, Militias- any
type camo, gear, and weapons

* 1st -Sneak past UN patrols on your way to
your base camp where you will make contact
with the leader of the civilian resistance   
* Establish communications with civilians
inside UN controlled AO
* Get intel from civilians as to objectives and
locations on UN military hardware & supplies
(mortars, artillery, & explosives) to capture
and use against the UN.
* Destroy UN armor (airsoft Thunder V
grenades inside or Taginn Archangel rounds
* Destroy key bridges (C4 charges & satchel
charges- will be provided)
* Take down UN flag and replace with US flag
* Free prisoners from internment camp
* Capture supplies from UN vehicles & bases

CIVILIAN PLAYERS - No camo, civilian clothes
only. Any type of military gear, radios,
weapons, etc will get you arrested.

* Establish communications with US military
outside of UN occupied fenced in zone
*  Report UN forces size, equipment,
locations, and any valuable intel to US military
* Coordinate attacks, distractions, smuggle in
weapons, assassinate UN commanders
* Capture supplies from UN vehicles & bases

* Medics or return to base camp-  If no medic
comes to give you 1st aid after 5min bleed out
you may go to base camp but not before your
5min is up.
*UN Forces can only capture hit players in
that 5min time frame
* Players in civilian clothes may move about
the AO & check points freely w/proper ID  
unless seen by UN Forces as a threat
(brandishing or smuggling firearms, weapons,
or suspicious items) then they may be
* UN Forces have a rule of engagement that
doesn't allow them to fire on players in civilian
clothes unless fired on first or are putting UN
forces in harms way.
* UN Forces may detain players in civilian
clothes only if they are seen with weapons,
cameras, radios, or items that could be used
by resistance fighters
* Captured players will be transported by UN
vehicles or on foot. Prisoners can be rescued
in transport but must be medic'd by rescuers
first before getaway.
* Captured prisoners will be taken to
internment camp for reeducation. Reeducated
prisoners will wear blue and fight for the UN
Forces. Conversion tactics will be revealed on
game day. lol
* Use C4 or Satchel Charge to destroy the two
main bridges. If a bridge is destroyed UN
armor and vehicles can not use them for the
rest of the game. Taking out both bridges cuts
the north property from the south trapping
armor and vehicles on one side or the other.
* To destroy armor - Taggin rounds on armor
will stop armor in place for 30min. In that time
the armor is immobile but can still fight, use
that time to get an airsoft grenade in the
vehicle, pull pin and throw inside, if it doesn't
go off or if the crew throws it back out it
doesn't count as a kill. Also use Molotov